Before you call the Dodge Foundation to request conference space, we kindly ask that you review these guidelines. We have tried to anticipate your questions as thoroughly as possible.

The Dodge contact for meetings or events is:

Elaine Rastocky 
(973) 695-1171


How do I get started?

Please appoint a contact person for your organization who will be responsible for room setup and cleanup, as well as answering any questions that may arise prior to the meeting or event.

The first step is to contact Elaine Rastocky to discuss your needs and reserve a room. If the organizer is unfamiliar with our building, they should arrange a preliminary visit with Elaine to familiarize themselves with the location of the rooms. 

Prior to and on the day of the meeting, the organizer is also responsible for communicating directions to attendees. We recommend printing and filling out this Welcome Sign to post in the elevator to guide attendees to your meeting location. 

Are there any time constraints for when I can host a meeting?  

The Dodge Foundation is open from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM. The elevators to the Foundation’s floors open at 8:45 AM. Therefore, we ask that you begin your meeting or event no earlier than 9:00 AM. Your meeting can continue beyond our close of business if we are given advance notice. Evening meetings are available upon request. 

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes, tables and chairs are provided in both conference rooms. In the large conference room, our tables and chairs can be configured in various styles. Please plan to arrive early to arrange the seating to best suit your needs. We ask that you leave the room configuration as you found it when you arrived. 

Can I bring outside food into the conference rooms? 

Yes; you may bring in your own ready-to-serve food and beverages or have your meeting catered. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of catering recommendations.

In both conference rooms, there is space for serving food and drink, and in the large conference room, there is a bar refrigerator. We can also provide recycling bins for your meetings. Please be courteous and leave the space clean for the next meeting and take any leftover food with you. 

Please note that the Dodge Foundation does not have the staffing capacity to order, arrange, serve or clean up catering items.The Dodge kitchen is reserved for use by Dodge staff and is not available for storage or refrigerator space. 

In keeping with our desire to green our space and operations as much as possible, we use eco-friendly service items (plates, napkins, utensils, cups) for our meetings and can recommend Green Line Paper where you can buy these supplies. Your caterer might also provide them (usually for an extra fee). Please know that using eco-friendly paper and service goods is certainly not required, but it is appreciated.

Where can meeting attendees park?

Ample parking is available in the De Hart Street Parking Garage, which is attached to 14 Maple Avenue.

Dodge-designated parking spots in the De Hart garage are reserved for employees and are not available for conference attendees. Please be sure to include this important information in your communications with your group.

If you do not wish to use the garage, there is limited, 2-hour metered parking on Maple Avenue and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Rates for the parking garage are:

De Hart Street Parking Garage Rates (current as of January 2016)

First half hour  $1.00
30 minutes to 1 hour  $1.50
Each additional ½ hour up to 3 hours   $0.75
3 hours to 4 hours  $6.50
Each additional hour up to 9 hours  $2.00
9 hours to 10 hours  $19.00
Each additional hour up to 24 hours  $2.50

For more information, visit the Morristown Parking Authority website.

How do attendees get to the meeting?

Attendees should enter 14 Maple Avenue through the ground floor entrance and take the elevator to the 3rd Floor. The meeting organizer(s) is responsible for communicating this to attendees.

We recommend printing this Welcome Sign to post in the elevator. 

Can we get a green building tour while we are there? 

If you wish to learn more about the environmental aspects of our building, you can schedule in advance a short, guided tour by calling Elaine Rastocky at (973) 695-1171 or emailing her

What else should I know?

Outside of the two conference rooms, there is inviting, comfortable space for making phone calls, having discussions when on break from your meeting, and admiring the current art exhibit curated by the Morris Arts.

The 3rd floor space is also occupied by other nonprofits and the 4th floor is occupied by the Dodge Foundation offices. Please respect these quiet work areas and limit your conversations and cell phone calls to the area adjacent to the conference rooms.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around the building.

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