Let's Talk About Hurricane Sandy

One of the challenges we face in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is keeping the lines of communication open in order to collaborate and coordinate more effectively. We can better understand the obstacles and opportunities that the Hurricane continues to present by sharing our ongoing experiences as well as the projects and ideas we're all thinking about and working on.  

We have created this online tool as a place where people can ask questions and get feedback from their colleagues working in the trenches and to facilitate connections among those facing similar issues or who are looking for partners.

You can only add your comments and questions if you are logged in to the Dodge website (it’s free and easy to sign up, and we will never share your personal information). However, you can read through the conversations without being logged in. 

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Author: molly@grdodge.org
Posted: Feb 05 2013 - 04:13 PM
Subject: What do we need to know to make intelligent decisions?
What do we, the philanthropic community, need to know to make intelligent decisions, and what does the nonprofit sector also need to know in order to work more effectively on Hurricane Sandy related efforts?
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