New capacity-building workshop series for Arts and Education grantee organizations 

The Dodge Foundation is excited to partner with DataArts to present a free and new capacity building series on evaluation and data collection.

We recognize that nonprofits are regularly asked by stakeholders and funders to provide impact data about their programming. We also know that the process of collecting useful and relevant data is time consuming and can often feel daunting. The Art of Evaluation and Data Collection workshop series is designed to help you and your organization develop an assessment practice that will advance your evaluation goals and data collection priorities.

Whether you are new to evaluation, need a refresher course, or want a fresh perspective on your current evaluation practices, this workshop series will improve your evaluation efforts and enable you to become an expert on arts data collection tools being utilized throughout New Jersey. Join us for all of the workshops, or choose those that best advance your evaluation and data collection priorities. Attendance as a team will increase implementation efficacy when you get back to your organization. Please be sure to bring your laptop and your “can-do” attitude!

  • We hope you will register in advance for all the webinars and workshops in the series, and no later than two weeks prior to the webinar/workshop event date. The workshops are generally limited to 35 participants and will fill up quickly!

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WHO should participate?

  • Dodge grantees in the Arts and Education program areas who are in the beginning stages of building their evaluation capacity and/or who would like additional professional development and support to improve program quality. Non-grantees who would like to add their data to the DataArts platform or the Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard and/or who would like to use our survey tools are also welcome to participate in the relevant workshops.

  • Series participants may include executive directors, education directors, financial officers or managers, and other staff members who may be involved in the evaluation and data collection process at your organization. 

WHY should I participate?

  • Evaluation knowledge and practice: You will learn or build upon program evaluation basics and how to incorporate them into your nonprofit organization’s practice. 

  • Data collection skill-building: You will gain training and hands-on application on the DataArts Cultural Data Platform, the Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard, and collective arts education survey tools.

  • Technical support: You will have direct access to expert facilitators and support center staff who will answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and give guidance on how you can meet your evaluation and data collection goals.

  • Peer networking and collaboration:  You will have the opportunity to meet other staff and leaders from grantee organizations and work together to collect, analyze and share data.


  • Utilize the data platforms: Data platforms, such as the DataArts Cultural Data Platform and the Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard, are used to collect data to support both the individual organization’s economic and demographic impact storytelling, as well as the collective impact of arts/arts education in our state. We recommend that all participants become familiar with one or both of the data platforms that will be covered in the series.
  • Learn the tools webinar participation: If you are planning to participate in the Hands-On Data-Thon or any of the data collection workshops, we highly recommend you participate in one of the live webinars or recorded webinars in the series to get an overview of each platform’s purpose, functionality, and required data before the workshop.  The webinars are designed to make your data collection and inputting processes as streamlined and pain-free as possible.
  • Staff attendance/number of workshops or webinars: Each organization should register at least one staff member.  Each organization may register up to three staff members as part of their organization’s team. We recommend that your team register for the whole series for full benefits, but there are no mandatory or minimum number of webinars or workshops required for the participants and/or team.  You are welcome to pick and choose the ones that would be the most convenient, appropriate and beneficial for your team.

Questions about these requirements? Please contact Wendy Liscow or Judy Ha Kim 


We hope you will register in advance for all the webinars and workshops in the series, and no later than two weeks prior to the webinar/workshop event date. The workshops are generally limited to 35 participants and will fill up quickly!


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Upcoming Dates

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018 (Monroe Twp) Thursday, May 10, 2018 (Morristown)

Workshop Description: Participants will have the opportunity to learn evaluation basics (e.g. logic model, evaluation planning, survey construction and reporting, formative and summative evaluation practices, etc.) and then apply the learning to a program or initiative they want to evaluate. Additionally, grantees will get an overview of how all the Dodge-required data collection tools including DataArts Cultural Data Platform, the Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard, and Dodge Arts Education survey tools fit together to help tell the story of your organization’s impact.

This workshop is for all skill levels. If you have already participated in a Dodge evaluation workshop or received one-on-one consulting in the past, consider joining us for a refresher or send new staff members to deepen your organization’s “evaluation bench” or to apply the tools to a new program. Lunch will be provided.

Presenter: Deborah Ward (Dodge Foundation)

Learn the Tools Webinar: Orientation to the DataArts Platform
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 (Online) Friday, June 1, 2018 (Online)

Webinar Description: This webinar will cover the basics of completing your DataArts Cultural Data Profile and an overview of the DataArts platform. This session is ideal for new users, or anyone looking for a refresher about how to enter your data and create a Funder Report for a grant deadline. You can participate in this web-based session from your home or your office computer so feel free to participate with more than one representative of your organization.

*Instructions for joining the webinar will be sent by DataArts closer to the date of the webinar.

Hosted by DataArts.


Learn the Tools Webinar: Orientation to the Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 (Online) Friday, May 18, 2018 (Online)

Webinar Description: The Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard was created to map arts education programming serving young people and teachers throughout New Jersey.  Together with the New Jersey Arts Education Census, the Arts Education Data Dashboard offers a more complete picture of where arts education thrives, where there are opportunities for greater connections, and where we can work to bridge the gaps. The Arts Education Data Dashboard helps nonprofit organizations:

  • Track program offerings in one database and better understand schools, students, and teachers served.
  • Tell the story of your organization’s impact to schools, supporters and current and prospective funders.
  • Tell the story of the collective impact of New Jersey’s arts education community.

Join us for an introduction and demonstration of the Arts Education Data Dashboard, and learn how to enter your data so you can get on the map!

*Instructions for joining the webinar will be sent in the Dodge Foundation registration confirmation email closer to the date of the webinar. 

Hosted by Wendy Liscow and Deborah Ward (Dodge Foundation)

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 (Monroe Twp)

Workshop Description: Now that you have participated in introductory webinars and understand the purpose and basic functionality of the Data Arts Cultural Data Platform and the Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard, it is time to enter your data! The Hands-On Data-Thon will be a great opportunity to ask questions and to work side by side with the DataArts and/or Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard team as well as fellow nonprofit peers.  You will also learn how to use reporting features to check your data input.

Each designated time slot will begin with a 20-minute introduction where participants share their current needs, priorities, and goals for the session.  For the rest of the time, participants will work individually or in pairs to enter their data.  Each session will end with a closing reflection activity and final Q&A.

This workshop is for program staff and/or the person assigned to tracking arts education programming. If your finance person does not attend, we recommend that they be available via phone in case you have questions.  Please be sure to bring your laptop.

Presenters: DataArts and Dodge Arts Education Data Dashboard Team

MOVING THE NEEDLE ON MEASURING IMPACT: Collecting Data Through Effective Tools
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 (Morristown) Friday, June 22, 2018 (Monroe Twp)

Workshop Description: Join us for an introduction to new collective student and teacher survey tools you can use to measure arts education impact (e.g. student social emotional and academic indicators, teacher efficacy, and classroom culture).  We worked with arts education grantees and members of the Newark Arts Education Roundtable to develop and implement common survey tools that are now being used by multiple organizations. You will hear from grantees about their progress documenting their program impact over the past several years.  Learn best practices and tips for successful implementation! 

This workshop is for arts and arts education organizations that offer art programming, including teaching artists residencies, classes, assemblies, and performances.  While the survey tools primarily focus on work with students, the survey concepts apply to all arts programming. 

Presenter: Deborah Ward (Dodge Foundation)

DATA + STORIES: Analyzing and Using Your Data for Stakeholder Engagement and Storytelling
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 (Monroe Twp) Thursday, September 27, 2018 (Morristown)

Workshop Description: You have entered all your data into the DataArts Platform and Arts Education Data Dashboard and learned how to correctly evaluate your programs…now it is time to reap the benefits!  This workshop teaches arts and arts education organizations how to connect their data to stories about their mission and impact for more effective communications with stakeholders.

This workshop is designed for all grantees regardless of their stage in the evaluation process.

Presenters: DataArts and Deborah Ward (Dodge Foundation)

Meet the Presenters

Deborah E. Ward received her Ph.D., M. Phil, M.P.A., and B.A. from Columbia University. She is founder of Ward Consulting which specializes in education and urban policy research and evaluation. Her clients include The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, The Neubauer Family Foundation, the Foundation for Educational Administration/NJPSA, the Newark Arts Education Roundtable, The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, VH1, the NJ Department of Education, Count Basie Theater and Columbia University. She was Associate Research Professor and Director of the Economic Development Research Group at Rutgers University and on Graduate Faculty at Columbia University before starting her consulting business. Her research areas include urban education policy and community economic development. She is active in the American Political Science Association and the Urban Affairs Association. She is the recipient of several awards, including the Norton Long Scholar award, in recognition of her contribution to applied urban policy research. She has published extensively and her manuscript The White Welfare State- The Racialization of U.S. Welfare Policy was published by the University of Michigan Press.






 DataArts (formerly the Cultural Data Project) is an non-profit with 13 years of experience in data collection and analysis. DataArts mission empower the cultural sector with high-quality data and resources to strengthen nonprofits’ vitality, performance, and public impact. The Cultural Data Profile, is used by thousands of cultural organizations each year to report data for research and grant applications. The organization also provides online data tools for cultural organizations, targeted research projects for the sector, and educational resources to build data skills for 21st-century cultural leadership.


Katie Ingersoll is the Education Manager at DataArts, where she leads a team in developing training and educational materials to support cultural leaders in effectively using data. Before DataArts, Katie was a Policy Researcher at the Prometheus Radio Project, where she crunched data and organized people to create opportunities for local groups to start radio stations in their communities. She has worked in public and academic libraries and holds a Master of Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She has contributed research and writing to the online publication Createquity, and is an amateur mosaic artist and circus performer in training in her free time.