Mapping Creativity in New Jersey Schools


We believe the arts have the power to transform young people and bring to life the lessons students need to become more resilient learners and thinkers. 

We know that right now there is a girl whose Broadway dreams will propel her to the front of her class. We know there’s a teacher spending his summer learning how to engage students in new ways through creative expression. At this moment, a principal is searching for a way to hire new music teachers and use the arts and arts-integration techniques to transform her school’s culture.

But we also know that the arts are often first on the chopping block when school budgets get tight, robbing students of the opportunity to meet their creative potential.

That’s why we created the Arts Education Data Dashboard, a new tool to map the creativity nonprofits bring to New Jersey schools and make the case for arts education in our state and beyond.

Together with the New Jersey Arts Education Census, the Arts Education Data Dashboard will offer a more complete picture of the arts education happening in our schools — where it thrives, where there are opportunities for connection, and where we can work to bridge the gaps.

The Arts Education Data Dashboard will help nonprofit organizations:

  • Track program offerings in one database and better understand schools, students, and teachers served
  • Tell the story of your organization’s impact to schools, supporters and current and prospective funders
  • Tell the story of the collective impact of New Jersey’s arts education community

In the future, users will be able to:

  • Map outside arts organizations working in particular schools, the programs they offer, the number of students and teachers served, the teachers and administrators involved in arts and arts integration work, and the funding sources supporting this work

We know amazing arts programs are happening in New Jersey schools. At Dodge, we hear success stories every day as we work with leaders across the state to build a better New Jersey.

Your data will help show that arts education is vital to our lives and an essential component of strong communities and an overall economy. 


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