Building Healthier Nonprofit Organizations Through High-Performing Boards

2018-19 Board Leadership Series


You became a nonprofit leader or board member because you believe in your organization's mission and in giving back to your community.

At the Dodge Foundation, we believe nonprofit staff and boards need to spend time tending to their mission and intentionally reflecting and learning about the issues that matter most to them to maximize impact and build a healthy and strong nonprofit.

The Dodge Board Leadership series is designed to ensure that staff and board teams carve out invaluable focused time and gain new tools to help develop effective, strategic, and high-performing boards. 

We’ve developed a proven, three-tiered process that creates opportunities for decision-makers to learn and build pathways to share and deepen the learning with others:

with workshops

with webinars

the learning

  1. The Pillars of High Performance for Mission-Driven Organizations
  2. Board Bootcamp
  3. Leading for Impact: The Critical Role of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  4. Board's Role in Fundraising
  5. Recruiting and Retaining Effective Board Members
  1. Achieving Financial Resilience
  2. Building a Strategic Planning Process that Works
  1. Apply for a matching grant to receive a "Day of Clarity" retreat
  2. Share learning with our online Video Toolkit
  3. Navigate a real-time challenge with "Just in Time" consulting
  4. Connect with fellow leaders through our virtual "In Good Company" learning circles



Requirements and eligibility

This series requires a significant commitment from both staff and board. We encourage executive directors to confirm scheduling and clarify goals with their board president prior to registration. Please be sure to review our requirements and eligibility guidelines. 

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Wendy Liscow

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Judy Ha Kim

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