Other Dodge-Funded Services

Pro Bono Partnership

The Dodge Foundation also works with the Pro Bono Partnership, a non-profit legal assistance organization serving New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York, which recruits attorneys from major corporations and law firms to provide volunteer assistance to qualifying non-profit organizations without charge. The Partnership provides:

  • Lawyers to assist you with contracts and leases, corporate structure and governance, real estate, employment law, environmental law, compliance with government regulations, fundraising regulations, lobbying, intellectual property and other business legal matters;
  • Nonprofit Crisis Management Advice on the legal aspects of strategic alliances or mergers; workforce reduction and alternatives; leases and other contractual obligations; Board fiduciary obligations and liabilities; restructuring debt , restrictions on use of grant monies, or underwater endowments; fulfilling terms of government contracts; or deciding whether to file for bankruptcy or to dissolve.
  • A wide variety of free and low cost educational workshops on important legal issues for non-profit managers and Board members to help you proactively adopt best practices and avoid potentially costly mistakes.

For assistance, visit the Partnership’s website: www.probonopartner.org, or call the office nearest you.

New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Inc. (NJVLA)

New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Inc. (NJVLA) is a non-profit organization that provides referrals for New Jersey artists and arts & cultural organizations to a large network of volunteer attorneys throughout the state of New Jersey regarding arts-related legal issues including copyright, trademark, contract, non-profit, landlord/tenant, real estate, employment, tax, and more.

NJVLA’s legal services to New Jersey artists and arts & cultural organizations include:

  • The Legal Line: a telephone consultation with an attorney to discuss a particular arts-related legal issue, available to anybody regardless of income or annual budget;
  • The Law Fax: a telephone consultation with an attorney to discuss the contents of a short legal document, also available to anybody regardless of income or annual budget; and
  • The Full Service Referral: for matters such as litigation, negotiation, document drafting, organization formation, or anything else that cannot be resolved in a single telephone call with an attorney.

NJVLA also provides educational programming on a wide range of arts-related legal topics and a Board Matching service for non-profit arts and cultural organizations seeking attorneys for their Boards of Directors.

If you are: an artist or a representative of an arts or cultural organization in New Jersey, and you need legal assistance on an arts-related matter; if you would like to schedule an educational presentation; or if you are a New Jersey attorney interested in volunteering for NJVLA, contact Executive Director Joey Novick, at 856-963-6300 or info(at)njvla(dot)org. For more information, visit www.njvla.org.

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