Dodge Board Leadership Series

The Dodge Foundation is once again excited to provide a free board training program for executive directors and board members of grantee organizations.

A Guide to the 2018-2019 Series

Starting in October 2018, we are planning to offer five full workshops (including a NEW workshop on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), four optional webinars, a video training series, “Just in Time” consulting, a matching grant opportunity for “Day of Clarity” retreats, and peer-to-peer learning circles for graduates of the program.

  • Workshops Overview

    Nonprofits typically know when they need capacity building work, be it board development, marketing support, fundraising or strategic planning. However, they often launch into major planning efforts without the needed resources and readiness to properly develop or implement the changes they want to realize.

    At the Dodge Foundation, we believe organizations need to spend time meaningfully reflecting, assessing and learning before jumping into a planning phase. The Dodge Board Leadership Training series is designed to ensure that boards and staffs carve out invaluable focused time and gain new tools to help develop effective, strategic and mission-driven boards.

    What are the workshop topics?

    Workshop topics may include:

    - Getting Started: The Pillars of High Performance for Mission-Driven Organizations
    - The Board Bootcamp
    - The Board's Role in Fundraising
    - Recruiting and Retaining Effective Board Members

    Who should attend?

    Your team must commit to attending all the workshops in order to participate in the board leadership series and for your organization to qualify for a “Day of Clarity” retreat that will help you build on your team’s learning.

    Your team must include the executive director and board president or vice president for all workshops. You may also invite one additional board member per workshop. Depending on the session you might invite the board vice president, treasurer, and chairs of the governance, fundraising, personnel, and strategic planning committees.

  • Workshop Requirements

    This series requires a substantial commitment from both staff and board. To participate in the program, the executive director and the board president must attend all workshops. Other members of the group may vary workshop to workshop.

    Each organization can send a minimum of two and up to three participants. Upon completion of the workshops series, your organization will be eligible to apply for a Day of Clarity retreat for your entire board.

    The workshops are limited to 30 participants and will fill up quickly. Preference will be given to Dodge grantees who are new to the Dodge Board Leadership Series. Space permitting, we will admit previous Board Leadership Series graduates and non-grantee nonprofit organizations.

  • Workshop Registration

    The 2018 Board Leadership Series workshop registration information will be available in late August.

  • Institutionalize the Learning

    Over the past 10 years of offering the Board Leadership series, we have learned that attendees want to bring training tools back to their full board, and often find it difficult to do so without support. To help with this knowledge transfer, we will provide optional webinars and an on-demand online training video series with short exercises gleaned from the workshops that you can immediately implement at your next board meeting.

    In addition, Just in Time Consulting is designed to provide free, on-call timely guidance about a specific question or issue that can be reasonably addressed in a one to two hour consulting conversation with a Dodge Board Leadership Series faculty member. Your team will be able to request assistance to further support organizational learning and growth.

    Additionally, upon completion of the workshop series, grantee organizations are eligible to apply for a “Day of Clarity” retreat, and executive directors and board presidents are invited to join small group Learning Circles that meet virtually every month to discuss nonprofit and organizational issues.

Get Your Team in Order

Registration for the next series opens in mid to late August 2018!

Have a Question?

Please contact Judy Ha Kim or Wendy Liscow 

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