With New York City and Philadelphia news often overshadowing the concerns and challenges we face here in New Jersey, there is both a need and a hunger for constructive dialogue, access to quality information, and meaningful engagement in community decision-making. Dodge supports traditional and innovative uses of media to educate and engage the public around issues of importance to New Jersey and its citizens, as well as efforts to uncover abuses of power by the institutions in which we’ve placed our trust. We believe that communities thrive when their members are well-informed and seek to improve their lives as well as those of their neighbors.

Media Guidelines:

Use traditional and new media to educate the public and promote participation in issues of importance to New Jersey and its citizens.

We strive to fulfill this vision for Media in New Jersey by funding organizations that:

  • Provide high quality, New Jersey-focused news across multiple platforms;
  • Seek ambitious, innovative and collaborative reporting opportunities, with an emphasis on investigative reporting;
  • Actively engage traditionally underserved audiences with relevant news and information;
  • Encourage meaningful, ongoing civic dialogue and community participation;
  • Inform and educate the public about issues related to the Foundation's priority funding areas.

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