GlassRoots, Inc.


10 Bleeker Street
Newark, NJ 07102
County: Essex


Ms. Barbara Heisler

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To support GlassRoots' work to counter the challenges youth face through the exploration and creation of glass art.

Organization Background

Founded in 2001, GlassRoots is a non-profit hot glass studio in Newark with a mission to transform lives, especially of disaffected youth, by fostering life-long learning and creative self-expression through the wonder of glass-making. With the fire and danger of glassmaking to engage area youth, tens of thousands of students have developed lifelong skills -- patience, teamwork, creative problem solving, discipline and resilience. Our students gain hands-on experience in chemistry, physics, math and engineering while becoming entrepreneurs as they create and market their glass products. Those who walk through our doors enter a world away from the streets, promising them opportunities to explore their creativity and potential beyond the classroom.

GlassRoots believes that participation in glass art directly contributes to the development of youth's intellectual and personal capacities. For students who had often been frustrated or failed in school, the experience of success in our studios impresses upon them that learning matters, and thus they become more willing to do the hard work of learning. In addition, students gain a sense that they could be agents of their own learning, and make a positive change in their own lives and in their surroundings. Our educational programs focus on youth in high-risk situations, but also include home schooled students and disabled adults. Our workforce development programs target disengaged young adults seeking new directions for their lives.

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