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Ms. Ann Marie Miller

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The New Jersey Arts Education Partnership is the state's unifying organization and central resource for arts education. Initiatives include: NJ Arts Education Census Project, School Performance Reports Arts Measures, Model Schools in the Arts, Governor's Awards in Arts Education, NJDOE Model Curriculum, professional development, accountability and advocacy for arts education programs.

Organization Background

ArtPride New Jersey, Inc. was incorporated in March 1986 as a 501(c)4 organization in response to the need for an independent organization to represent the arts community to the New Jersey state legislature, to reinforce the importance of the arts to the public-at-large, and to present a unified voice on matters of importance to the arts community. From the beginning, ArtPride's 'brand' was associated with political advocacy, particularly in relation to State funding of the arts through the New Jersey State Council for the Arts (NJSCA). In the late 1980's ArtPride's influence and grassroots advocacy helped assure that the NJ Green Acres, Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation Bond Act was passed in 1986 providing $40 million for construction, renovation and preservation of cultural facilities. It also facilitated passage of the NJ Cultural Trust in 2000. To this day ArtPride continues advocating for support of cultural facilities by developing partnerships with environmental and historical communities that seek similar support for open space and historic preservation.

ArtPride New Jersey, Inc. was instrumental in saving the arts from elimination in the NJ state budget in 2003 and advocating for a dedicated state revenue source for arts, history and tourism through the NJ Hotel/Motel Occupancy Fee. This is generally recognized as a high-water mark of political advocacy for ArtPride. Since then ArtPride New Jersey has continued to protect public arts support through grassroots advocacy efforts. It has fueled these efforts by spearheading two economic activity studies (2000 and 2009) to substantiate the over $1.5 billion annual impact of the non-profit arts on New Jersey's economy. Latest efforts include building grassroots support in 2014 for legislation to restore state support for arts, history and tourism to 2005 levels.

In 1996, The ArtPride New Jersey Foundation was incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization in 1996 to be the educational arm of ArtPride New Jersey, Inc. The ArtPride New Jersey Foundation's work focuses on broadly promoting the value of the arts which grows advocacy, and connecting the arts to New Jersey's quality of life, education and economic vitality.

In 2000, ArtPride took on the administration of Discover Jersey Arts (DJA), a statewide arts audience development initiative that was an outgrowth of Arts Plan New Jersey, administered under the auspices of New Jersey Network. In the following years, other non-political programs that addressed ArtPride's mission were added: Arts Plan NJ in 2005 and the New Jersey Arts Education Partnership (NJAEP) in 2009. Each program is co-sponsored by the NJSCA.

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