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Mr. Erik A. Mollenhauer

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To continue the support of 'Monarch Teacher Network' ('MTN') and 'Voices from the Land' ('Voices') projects and continue to expand and promote the new project 'Stories from the Land ('Stories').' These projects, which are tied to the common core standards, provide a suite of transformational, interdisciplinary, learning opportunities for NJ schools and communities, fostering creativity and respect for natural and cultural diversity.

Organization Background

The host agency for NJ Earth Education projects is the Educational Information Resource Center (EIRC), a NJ public agency with a 45-year history of providing educational programs and services in NJ. EIRC programs have been used in every school district in NJ, as well as other states and foreign countries. EIRC/Earth Education programs and services are delivered through an array of collaborations with local, state and national agencies and organizations.

EIRC provides office, storage and meeting facilities, website, print, mail, and fiscal management for NJ Earth Education programs. EIRC staff members with primary responsibility for the Dodge Foundation grant are Erik Mollenhauer and Brian Hayes. Erik has developed educational programs which are recognized nationally/internationally and is well-known in the NJ educational community. Using a skill-set from his work in the computer services industry, Brian spearheads the development of technology-based applications for NJ Earth Education programs.

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