Ironbound Community Corporation


179 Van Buren St
Newark, NJ 07105
County: Essex


Dr. Ana Baptista, Ph.D.

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The Passaic River Project aims to continue to expand waterfront greening along the Newark stretch of the Passaic River through advocacy, leveraging resources and strong partnerships. ICC is also leading efforts to develop and deepen stewardship along the Passaic Riverfront through diverse programming that includes environmental, educational, civic, and arts and cultural initiatives. Finally, ICC continues to lead policy and advocacy efforts to ensure the full restoration and clean up of the Passaic River ecosystem.

Organization Background

Ironbound Community Corporation's mission is to engage and empower individuals, families and groups in realizing their aspirations and, together, work to create a just, vibrant and sustainable community.

The Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) empowers residents of the Ironbound section of Newark -- a diverse neighborhood of 50,000 people -- to build better lives for themselves and a better community for all who call the Ironbound home. As the leading community based non-profit in the Ironbound, ICC takes a unique approach to delivering high quality services by linking them with community planning and activism. This process of community transformation began in 1969 when residents started a preschool as a grassroots response to a growing need for childcare. ICC collaborates with residents on a range of neighborhood issues -- from affordable housing and economic development to Riverfront projects, clean air, and educational opportunities for adults and children.

ICC is led by a team of core senior staff who together lead our Riverfront projects. Joseph Della Fave has been ICC's Executive Director for 20 years and has seen the organization through tremendous growth. Dr. Ana Baptista, Director of Environmental & Planning Projects co-chairs the Passaic River Community Advisory Group as part of the USEPA's Superfund process and is leading efforts to ensure a full and comprehensive clean up. She is also a steering committee member of the NY/NJ Harbor Coalition which has taken up efforts with ICC and others to target federal resources like the Sandy appropriations to expand greenspace opportunities along the River. Nancy Zak, Community Organizer for 25 years, is now leading the Riverfront stewardship and programming efforts along the Passaic. She, along with our Community Environmental Educator, Emily Turonis, are expanding and deepening our stewardship and educational efforts related to urban greening and the River.

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