Clean Ocean Action


18 Hartshorne Dr, Suite 2
Highlands, NJ 07732
County: Monmouth


Ms. Cindy A. Zipf

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General operating support to defend and restore New Jersey's marine waterways with inspiring grassroots advocacy, education, and research campaigns.

Organization Background

In 1984, a small feisty coalition of groups called the Ocean Dumping Task Force, under the wing of the American Littoral Society, spun-off to form Clean Ocean Action. Believing that the ocean was both an economic and ecological treasure, the mission was to improve and protect the marine waters in the New York Bight (the shared marine waters between NY and NJ) and its coastal watershed. The first goal was to close eight ocean dumpsites by implementing environmentally sound alternatives. By 1997, the ocean was dumpsite free.

The success of Clean Ocean Action's coalition model in fighting ocean dumpsites propelled the organization to take on additional sources of pollution and expand its work to include the coastal watershed. If litter on our beaches comes from inland sources, then we must educate and advocate on land for a cleaner ocean. From dredging and storm water policy to individual responsibility, Clean Ocean Action works throughout New Jersey and New York to bring about action at the local, state and federal level to stop pollution from entering the ocean.

Today, Clean Ocean Action is a coalition of more than 125 groups, hundreds of businesses, and thousands of concerned citizens focused on improving marine water quality, organizing citizen action, and improving waste and storm water infrastructure systems. The lean, green, ocean pollution fighting machine includes two scientists with expertise in water quality, policy, and management, which are essential in today's science-driven world.

Key Personnel:

Cindy Zipf, Executive Director

Cassandra Ornell, M.S., Staff Scientist

Cara Muscio, M.S., Coastal Programs Coordinator

Catie Tobin, Education Coordinator

Tory Woods, Events Coordinator

Mary-Beth Thompson, Chief Operating Officer

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