D & R Greenway Land Trust


One Preservation Place
Princeton, NJ 08540
County: Mercer


Ms. Leslie Davis Potter

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For general operating support of land preservation and management, conservation easement stewardship, and public outreach and educational efforts that engage the community and inspire a conservation ethic in the region.

Organization Background

Our mission is to preserve and care for land in interconnected greenways and to inspire a conservation ethic by connecting people with the land. Founded in 1989, D&R Greenway has grown from a grassroots organization to a multifaceted, nationally recognized leader. We are proud to report that with twenty five years of creative problem solving, constant use of partnerships, and strong community ties, we have preserved 18,409 acres of watershed lands, farms and greenbelts, valued at $368,298,086. We care for 5,786 acres providing ecological restoration, habitat enhancement, public access to these lands and an extensive trail network. Our Johnson Education Center is a hub for teaching conservation and relating art with mission.

Linda Mead, President & CEO, has led D&R Greenway since 1997 through phenomenal growth, with strengths in fundraising, project management, and in bringing innovative solutions to land preservation and outreach including connecting people with nature through art.

John S. Watson, Jr., Vice President, formerly the NJDEP Deputy Commissioner, is responsible for overseeing land preservation and stewardship, and effectuating partnerships to further mission goals.

Diana Raichel, Conservation Biologist, manages our conservation easements and agricultural properties, and ecological restoration on Greenway preserves. She has a M.S. in Ecology and Evolution from Rutgers University.

Emily Blackman, Land Specialist and Nursery Manager, oversees our native plant nursery and contributes to habitat restoration, trail initiatives and preservation. Emily's degrees include a B.A. in Animal Behavior, a M.S. in Wildlife Biology and a Master in City and Regional Planning (M.C.R.P.).

Diana Moore, Curator, Marie L. Matthews Gallery creates at least 4 mission-themed art exhibits/year. She reaches out to new and returning artists to create a multi-media experience that inspires viewers to understand the wonders of nature and their role in protecting it. Diana received a Bachelor of Art from Princeton University with a focus in Medieval Art and a Master of Contemporary Art from the University of Manchester, UK through Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York.

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