Pinelands Preservation Alliance


Bishop Farmstead
17 Pemberton Road
Southampton, NJ 08088
County: Burlington


Mr. Carleton K. Montgomery

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For general operating support for grass-roots policy work focused on the protection of the New Jersey Pinelands and the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, and the enhancement of earned revenue opportunities to support public education and outreach programming.

Organization Background

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) was founded in 1989 to preserve the resources of the New Jersey Pinelands through public engagement and advocacy. PPA's focus on the Pinelands is essential because the ecology, laws and history of the Pinelands are unique, requiring educators and advocates with the expertise and local knowledge needed to overcome the specific conservation challenges facing the Pinelands.

The Pinelands is a great experiment that aims to show people and the rest of nature can live compatibly even in the nation's most crowded state. The program has been very successful, as shown by the fact there are still over 800,000 acres of forest in the Pinelands, but the program is always under threat of being revoked, weakened or ignored in response to economic and political forces.

Today, PPA has a staff of seven full-time and three part-time employees, a membership of 3,750 families, individuals and organizations, and hundreds of volunteers.

Given the pressures placed on public officials to revoke or compromise the Pinelands protection laws, we can only save the Pinelands if there is wide and vocal public support. PPA helps people make their voices heard by providing the information and means of communication they need.

PPA engages in outreach projects such as guided nature trips, teacher training, videos and social media campaigns to raise public awareness; attends seemingly countless meetings of public agencies to make sure we know what is going on when it is still possible to influence outcomes; reviews applications and proposals for development to ensure they comply with environmental protections; conducts science-based analyses of ecological and regulatory trends; and advocates for improvements to public policies affecting the Pinelands.

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