Sustainable Morristown


6 Dumont Place
1st Floor
Morristown, NJ 07960
County: Morris


Ms. Meredith Davidson

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To coordinate an overall sustainability vision with the community, set collaborative goals, share resources, create educational tools and disseminate information.

Organization Background

SusMo evolved from work of community-based leaders with a commitment to the triple-bottom line approach to community quality of life in Morristown. In 2007, Marty Epstein launched the effort as a Morristown Partnership Trustee. Initially branded Step Ahead, the work evolved in 2009 into a collaboration between Morristown Partnership, Town of Morristown, FDU-ISE and Inspired Future Campaign - under the banner Sustainable Morristown. In part, this was in response to a SDAT process recommendation -- "create a freestanding organization that would function as the hub of activity for sustainability efforts in Morristown". While a Town of Morristown Office of Sustainability helped bring sustainability into government, it was determined that the remaining community sectors could benefit from a centralized hub to provide access to critical information and institutional resources.

In 2012, SusMo was formalized as a NJ Non-Profit corporation by co-founders Marty Epstein, Paul Miller and Joel Harmon. In 2013, the Board was expanded in an effort to diversify its membership and increase its functional capacity. A mid-year, facilitated retreat helped articulate the organization's mission: To promote and support a sustainable future for the Morristown community through leadership, education, and action. Five key strategic initiatives were identified: Strengthen SusMo as an organization; Increase Revenue Streams; Strengthen Relationships with Key Organizations & Stakeholders; Become Hub for Information, Communication, Education; and, Accelerate Sustainability Actions by the Morristown Business Community.

SusMo's work is currently driven by a volunteer board of Trustees. Trustees now number ten, including Marty, Paul and Joel. Its executive committee is comprised of Paul, Heidi Killen (long-time Morristown resident), Meredith Davidson (educator and activist), and Tina Bologna (owner of an innovative eco-friendly fundraising program). In 2013, contract consultants were hired to increase organizational capacity and proactively address potential Board burnout. In 2014, the first official employee was hired in a part-time position. Dana Baumgartner is a 2014 graduate of Drew University with a double major in Environmental Studies and Spanish. The organization's By-Laws were augmented in 2013 to require the creation of a Community Advisory Council to help guide the organization's ongoing efforts -- to better ensure broad-based community input and relevance.

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