Paterson Education Fund


Suite 208 152 Market Street
152 Market Street
Paterson, NJ 07501
County: Essex


Ms. Rosie A. Grant

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For support of PEF's administrative efforts to further the development of the Paterson School District's Arts Education Strategic Plan.

Organization Background

Paterson Education Fund's mission is to stimulate community action for change so that the Paterson Public Schools ensure that all Paterson children achieve high standards. PEF's goals are: 1) To build our community's civic capacity to support, monitor and advocate for education reform; 2) To educate and enable community leadership to understand and act on changing education needs; and 3) To provide a forum for the community to effectively participate in the decision-making processes concerning education.

Founded in 1983, PEF has a history of developing programs that engage the community in improving student outcomes. We nurture grass roots capacity through training, volunteerism and participation. With the conviction that everyone can contribute, PEF recruits and trains volunteers who do not fit the traditional definition. Most of them are Paterson parents and they come to the table with passion and caring, developing skills as they do the work. With the skill building and knowledge gained through participation in our program, volunteers and program participants are often able to create new pathways for their own future.

PEF's Executive Director, Rosie Grant, has 22 years of nonprofit management and leadership experience. She focuses primarily on building strategic relationships, organizational development, developing advocacy strategies, capacity development for individuals and organizational partners, and identification of resources. PEF's Program Director is responsible for program implementation, volunteer training, and technical assistance to PEF partners. PEF's Program Manager focuses on engaging the community in local advocacy and coordinating with education organizing efforts. Our Communications Manager manages messaging and outreach including several social media campaigns and the Paterson Reads communications strategy. College interns, program staff, and professional consultants with specific areas of expertise are contracted to augment staff as needed. The staff has strong, active support from a volunteer board and more than 50 community volunteers who have been trained as conversation facilitators and workshop leaders.

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