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301 Main Street
Paterson, NJ 07505
County: Passaic


Ms. Leah Dade

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Technical Assistance


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For a Nonprofit Leadership Institute designed to increase the overall capacity and leadership of the nonprofit members of the Paterson Alliance.

Organization Background

The Paterson Alliance was founded in 1998 by 5 nonprofit organizations. Each founding organization came together realizing that barriers of distrust and competition between organizations had to be eliminated if the nonprofit groups were going to have a comprehensive effect on the City of Paterson. This founding group worked together to publicize their goal of creating an environment of cooperation and collaboration within the nonprofit sector of Paterson.


Today, seventeen years later, the Paterson Alliance has grown to 70 members and provides an opportunity for members to network and maintain a constant understanding of each others organization and their work in the community. More importantly, the Paterson Alliance works with its members to deliberately focus on ways they can collaborate and leverage resources from each organization. It is our mission to advance the quality of life in the city of Paterson through the creation of community partnerships and collaborations. Through this approach, the Paterson Alliance works to help build the infrastructure of the nonprofit community. The Alliance plays a leadership role, identifying and addressing critical issues that impact the Paterson community and its service providers. These efforts include assessing gaps in the service delivery system and facilitating collaborations to address them among local partners. The Alliance has successfully facilitated collaborations with our members, creating several programs that have aided us in furthering our mission.


The Paterson Alliance has a Full-Time Executive Director, Leah Dade who has responsibility for the organizations day to day operations. Ms. Dade has her BA from Trinity College and her Jurist Doctorate from Rutgers University Law School. She has over 20 years experience in the non-profit sector with more than 15 years in an executive leadership capacity. In 2014, the Paterson Alliance also added a PT Program assistant, Ms. Philomese Laguerre. She has her BA from Kean University and her Masters In Public Administration for Kean University.

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