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Hardwick, NJ 07825
County: Warren


Ms. Kendrya Close

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For general operating support to promote regenerative agriculture and develop a resilient regional food system.

Organization Background

Genesis Farm launched the Foodshed Alliance in 2001 as a stand-alone, independently financed program. In 2010, the Foodshed Alliance incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in New Jersey, with its own bylaws and Board of Trustees. In November 2012, the Foodshed Alliance was approved for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. In September 2013, the Foodshed Alliance was notified by the IRS that its tax exemption was not valid due to not filing 990s for three years in a row. We were just about to file our 2012 990 (we had filed for an extension) and we believed we were included in Genesis Farm's 990s prior to that. During this time, Ridge and Valley Conservancy, with whom we share an office, acted as our fiscal agent. After we submitted all the required 990s, the IRS reinstated our tax-exempt status in September 2014 and we are a bona fide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

The Foodshed Alliance's goals are to:

-Develop programs that contribute to the sustainability of local farms.

-Raise people's awareness about the value of locally grown food and farming.

-Encourage and support farming practices that respect and replenish the land and its natural ecosystems while producing healthy food.

-Contribute to the development of a regional network of farmers, consumers, and agricultural professionals devoted to building a local food system. Serve as a clearinghouse for the information, resources and services provided to this community.

-Advance agriculture as a way of preserving our rural landscapes and hindering their destruction by the spread of sprawl.

Kendrya Close has been the Executive Director for six years. She worked as a volunteer ED for the Foodshed Alliance for the first two years, and has been a paid part-time ED since. In January 1, 2015, she began working full-time.

Lisa Kelly has been a paid part-time Development Director for five years. In January, 2015, she began working full-time as Development and Communications Director.

Judy Renna, who has been with Foodshed Alliance for a decade, is part-time office manager. We have a part-time gleaning coordinators, Christine Parauda.

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