New Jersey Arts Education Partnership


Suite 202
16 Mt. Bethel Road
Warren, NJ 07059
County: Somerset


Mr. Robert B. Morrison

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For general operating support of the Partnership's policy, educational, and awareness work dedicated to advancing arts education for all children throughout New Jersey.

Organization Background

The mission of the NJ Arts Education Partnership (NJAEP) is to provide a unified voice for those who agree on the educational benefits and impact of the arts, specifically the contribution they make to student achievement and a civilized, sustainable society.

Launched in 2007, NJAEP believes that the arts are an essential part of every child's education, and must be part of the solution to the many challenges facing our education system. Our diverse coalition of stakeholders works together to influence state policy and motivate local communities to make quality arts instruction and experiences a part of each child's education.

We work to achieve our goals by focusing on our strategic areas of work:

? Demonstrating the value of arts education by conducting and disseminating research.

? Ensuring that state education policy continues to mandate arts education as an essential part of every child's education.

? Strengthening local arts education programs through direct support services for school districts.

? Expanding role as the central clearinghouse for all arts education resources and services in NJ.

? Communicating the value of arts education to a wide variety of constituencies.

? Strengthening NJAEP's organizational capacity so that it can better advance its mission.

Through these six areas of work, we envision a system that offers quality arts education for every child, every day, and every year of their schooling. We believe that enhanced arts education programs will foster innovation in our state, ensuring that students learn how to harness their own creativity and use it in every aspect of their lives. And perhaps most importantly, we look forward to a time in which the benefits of arts education are widely accepted by a public who cares about education in our state.

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