If you wish to use the Dodge logo in your printed materials and/or on your website, we have both the full color and the grayscale files below for you to download.

Logo Without the Tagline

The Dodge Foundation in 2018 approved a new vision -- an equitable New Jersey through creative, engaged, sustainable communities. It is preferred to use the logo without our former tagline, particularly if it will reside with a group of other logos and a smaller minimal size is required. 



If you need a logo for your printed materials, please use these vector files (.eps) for the best quality: 

Full color EPS file
Grayscale EPS file


If you need a logo for your website or other online uses, please use these .png files:

Full color PNG file
Grayscale PNG file  


If you have any questions or trouble downloading the logos, please contact Meghan Van Dyk, Communications Manager. 

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Letters of Inquiry

Please note: The Dodge Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited letters of inquiry. For the remainder of the year, the Foundation will continue grantmaking and initiatives under current guidelines and processes while designing a framework to advance equity across all programs. 


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