Meghan Van Dyk, Communications Director, Informed Communities Program Officer

Phone: 973-695-1180
Twitter: @MeghanVanDyk 

Meghan is Communications Director and Informed Communities Program Officer, expanding impact by developing and implementing strategic communications for the Foundation and leading programmatic strategies to support robust community building and civic engagement through local journalism and community news and information initiatives. She also manages partnerships and grants with outside funders toward supporting a connected and collaborative news and information ecosystem in New Jersey.  

Meghan has 15 years experience working at the intersection of journalism, communications, and philanthropy, with an increasing focus on intercultural development and racial justice. Prior to joining the Dodge staff, Meghan was an editor, reporter, and engaged journalism practioner at a local newspaper in New Jersey. Her "Grassroots" special section chronicled stories of New Jersey's sustainability community and brought together farmers, educators, musicians, and chefs from around the state to celebrate local heroes through the Morris County Sunday Supper Series, an innovative local food and drink feast. 

Meghan enjoys tending her community garden plot, hiking, and reading. She is on the Leadership Team of Creative New Jersey, advisory board member of the New Jersey Local News Lab Fund, and is a founding member of the Morris Area Society of Homebrewers. She graduated from Drew University, where she studied English and political science and was a two-year editor in chief of the campus newspaper.