Board Leadership Video Toolkit

Did the board workshop facilitator lead an exercise that you wanted to share with your fellow board members?

Don’t fret. Upon completion of each workshop you will gain access to related videos and companion worksheets that your board members can use to guide the full board through select strategic exercises.

You will be able to pick from the following Dodge Board Leadership Series Toolkit video exercises:


Through these video exercises, you will understand:

Measuring What Matters,                  
by David Grant 

1)   Measuring What Matters/Criteria for Success 
2)   The Four Questions

Exploring Mission,     by Laura Otten 

1)    Mission in 7 Words or Less
2)    Mission: Four Questions: Why, What, How, Who?
3)    Money/Mission Matrix

Leading for High Impact,                        by Beth Zemsky

1)   Intercultural Definitions

Everybody Can Play a Role in Fundraising,  by Allison Trimarco 

1)    Why I Give and Why I don't Give
2)    Telling Your Story
3)    Making the Case to Donors

Strategic Planning,    by Allison Trimarco 

 1)  SWOT/TOWS Analysis


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