Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you have a lot of questions about the New Jersey Recovery Fund. Before sending us an email, please check here to see if your question can be answered. We will be updating this section as questions emerge, so you may want to check back occasionally.

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please send an email to

Will the Fund consider more than one letter of inquiry from the same organization?

Yes, but we do not encourage it. We recognize that some applicants may be involved in more than one project, but will not be the lead on multiple projects.

Will multi-year grants be considered?

We do not currently anticipate giving multi-year grants, though exceptions may be made.

Can you provide guidance on the level of funding we should request?

Applicants should request the amount that's appropriate for their projects. Currently, the Fund totals approximately $5 million which includes both restricted and unrestricted donations.

Will the amount requested affect whether or not a letter of inquiry will be approved?

Regardless of the amount requested, if a proposed project merits further examination, the applicant will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Are individuals allowed to submit a letter of inquiry?

Yes, but we believe more can be accomplished through collaboration, and will give preference to partnerships and collaborations among nonprofits and communities with long-term, transformational ideas and projects. The Fund is not intended for small or short-term projects with limited impact.

What if we have too many partners to list in the letter of inquiry?

If a project has multiple partners, use the narrative in the letter of inquiry form to discuss your key collaborators. You can also attach a document with a full list of your partners and their roles in the project.


The Fund is not designed to provide disaster relief to individuals, nonprofits or businesses for damages sustained during the Hurricane.