How Can We Help You?

Dodge’s Technical Assistance initiative offers a series of workshops on the issues that our grantees have identified as most urgent to them: learning how to build and manage their board. In addition to the workshops, we offer a number of other services, including access to legal and financial consultations and nonprofit crisis management counseling.

In making this suite of workshops and services available to our grantees, our goal is strengthen the nonprofit sector here in New Jersey and ensure that nonprofits can continue to carry out the work that is essential for a better New Jersey.

What is Technical Assistance?

One of the most important aspects of philanthropy (and perhaps one of the least developed) is the need to help nonprofits strengthen their organizations — through workshops, consultations and other resources — so that they can grow and thrive.  When we heard from a large number of our grantees that they were struggling with the same set of issues, we knew that it was time to bring in some experts.

Even More Resources

  • Check Out Our Resource Library

    From sample governance policies to the new 990, you can find a variety of resources and materials from our workshops in our ever-expanding library.

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  • Browse TA Topics on the Dodge Blog

    The Dodge blog has an extensive archive of stories from nonprofits across the state who have shared their challenges and accomplishments. We bet many of these stories will sound familiar to your own experiences.

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