Below is an overview of the Dodge Foundation application.

Please provide a high-level overview of the previous year’s accomplishments and challenges, as well as your goals for the year ahead. You will also be prompted to provide updated contact, bank, financial and trustee information. 



  • Amount Requested 
  • Type of Support (If project, total project budget)
  • Organization Annual Operating Budget  
  • Please provide a brief 20-word summary of the purpose of the request.


How is your work progressing?

  1. Please share some highlights of your work over the past year relative to the goals highlighted in your last proposal.  Note any changes in what you proposed, hurdles you’ve encountered, and partnerships you’ve developed. (Recommended 500-word count)

  2. Have you experienced any significant achievements or setbacks we should know about related to organizational issues, such as changes in the board and staff leadership, your financial position and fundraising goals, or in the development or implementation of your strategic plan? Also, highlight any outstanding needs for organizational strengthening. (Recommended 500-word count)

What are you planning for next year?

  1. Briefly describe the primary activities planned for the next year, including details about the communities you work in and important partnerships. (Recommended 500-word count)
  2. List top three anticipated outcomes you hope to achieve over the coming year, in a bulleted format.
  3. Is there anything else you would like us to know? (Recommended 350-word count)




Please Provide

  • Detailed organizational budgets (expenses and income) for the last completed fiscal year and the current fiscal year. If you have it, please also include your projected upcoming fiscal year budget. We prefer a side-by-side comparison of the fiscal year budgets in a single document, but you may attach multiple documents if necessary. If your organization is a chapter of a national association or part of a university, please provide financial information that relates to your specific operations. (Required)
  •  If applying for a specific project, please attach a budget for the project.
  • Most recent audited financial statement and 990. (Required)
  • List of trustees (Required)
  • Copy of voided check. (Required)
  • Up to five photos (preferably in .jpg or .png formats) that are representative of your work and for which Dodge has permission to publish on our website or in any Dodge publications. Please be sure to include any applicable photo credits, and please put the name of your organization in the title of the photo. (Optional)
  • Other supporting files (Optional)
  • Arts grantees are required to complete a DataArts profile and upload a Funder Report along with your application. For instructions on how to access your Funder Report, please follow these instructions from DataArts. 
  • Education grantees who are providing arts education programming are required to report information on programs, teaching artists, schools, students and teachers served on the Arts Education Data Dashboard, a new tool designed to map the impact of arts education programming nonprofit organizations bring to New Jersey schools and children. The 2017-18 school year data must be inputted into the system by October 15, 2018, but you may begin inputting data at anytime. You can access and learn more about the Dashboard here. You will need to have a username and password provided by Dodge to access the dashboard. If you have not received your log in information or have questions, please email dashboardhelp(at)grdodge(dot)org