We are updating our system and will have access and more information soon. 

Below is an overview of the 2017 Dodge Foundation application for current grantees. The process will also prompt organizations to provide updated contact, bank, financial and trustee information. 



  • Amount Requested 
  • Type of Support (If project, total project budget.)
  • Please provide a brief (20-word) summary of the purpose of the request.
  • What is your organization's mission? 


  • Please list the three anticipated goals you submitted with last year's proposal and then briefly discuss the results of each.
                      • Goal One: 
                      • Result One: 
                      • Goal Two:
                      • Result Two:
                      • Goal Three:
                      • Result Three:
  • Did you spend the grant dollars as you originally anticipated, or did you have to make adjustments? If you made adjustments, briefly explain why and how. 


  • What is the primary focus of your work for the upcoming year? 
  • List your key activities.
  • List your existing and potential new partners / collaborators.
  • List the key audiences / communities you serve.
  • If you are applying for project support, list your project timetable


  • List up to five of the most important goals you hope to achieve over the coming year.
  • How will you know you have achieved these goals?
  • What external factors or challenges might prevent you from achieving these goals?
  • Is there anything else related to your goals and outcomes that you would like us to know?


  • Excluding financial issues, what are the primary challenges (organizational capacity and/or external trends) to your organization's work?
  • What resources or support are needed to address these challenges?


  •  Is there anything else about your organization that you would like us to know?



Arts grantees are required to complete a DataArts profile and upload a Funder Report along with your application. For instructions on how to access your Funder Report, please follow these instructions from DataArts

If you are applying for an Arts grant, please answer the following questions:

  • What is the total number of individuals that you expect to participate in your programs in FY 17?
  • What are the top five geographic communities your organization serves? 


Arts Education grantees who are directly working with students and teachers are required to report information on students and teachers served during the 2016-17 school year on the Arts Education Data Dashboard. Your 2016-17 data must be input into the system by October 1, 2017. 

Go to the Arts Education Data Dashboard


Organizations that facilitate land preservation projects, including farmland, open space, and urban park acquisition; own conservation lands; and/or holds conservation easements, must fill out the Dodge Environment Questionnaire. These questions are intended to gather data related to organizational capacity, professional development, and trends impacting the land trust sector in New Jersey.

Download the Environment Questionnaire 


In addition to the above questions, we will also ask all applicants to attach:

  • Detailed organizational budgets (expenses and income) for the last completed fiscal year and the current fiscal year. We prefer a side by side comparison of the FY'16 and FY'17 budgets in a single document, but you may attach two documents if necessary. If your organization is a chapter of a national association or part of a university, please provide financial information that relates to your specific operations. (Required)
  • The most recent Audited Financial Statement and 990. (Required)
  • List of Trustees. (Required)
  • If applying for a specific project, attach a budget for that project.
  • Photos — up to five images (preferably in .jpg or .png formats) that are representative of your work and for which Dodge has permission to publish on our website or in any Dodge publications. Please be sure to include any applicable photo credits, and please put the name of your organization in the title of the photo. (Optional)
  • Other supporting files (Optional) 
  • Copy of Voided Check. (Required)
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If you have any questions, please see our FAQs or contact Wanda Miroslava Peguero, our grants manager, at any time.  

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