Our Vision

At the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, we imagine a just and equitable New Jersey, where people of all races and communities have equitable access to opportunities to thrive.

As the third wealthiest state in the country, New Jersey is alive with opportunity.

Despite its significant wealth and diversity, New Jersey remains one of the most inequitable states in the country. This is evident across a variety of issues such as income inequality, racial segregation, access to quality housing or health care. We believe that New Jersey has an opportunity to be a model for other states in reckoning with the ongoing harm of systemic racism and building just and equitable systems that enable all communities to thrive. Research and experience make clear that New Jersey cannot achieve its full potential without directly addressing these issues and actively supporting efforts to create more just and equitable policies, systems, and practices in our state.

Across our state, organizations led by and for communities most impacted by systemic racism and inequity are mobilizing influence campaigns and transformative solutions for the kind of just and visionary change needed to ensure that access to opportunities and benefits is truly equitable.

But for too long, these efforts have been marginalized and under-resourced. Visionary changemakers have had to press for change without the kind of robust investment and power required to bring about the systemic–and seismic–changes needed.

Together, philanthropic institutions in New Jersey like the Dodge Foundation, can more boldly resource and shift power towards communities who have been most impacted by injustice and inequity. We can also commit to transforming our own practices, to listening to and learning from the leadership of those closest to the harms of–and solutions to–injustice, especially communities of color.

With compassionate action, thoughtfulness and resolve, we can work towards a vibrant, equitable, and just future for New Jersey and all of the communities that make us whole.

Learn more about how we are working to imagine a new way for the Dodge Foundation, and New Jersey, through through Our Work.

Learn more about our transformation in our President’s Message.

Our Work

We imagine a just and equitable New Jersey, where people of all races and communities have equitable access to opportunities to thrive. To achieve this future, the Dodge Foundation directs our time, energy, and resources toward strategies that address the root causes–and repair–of structural racism and inequity.
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About Us

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation is a private foundation based in Morristown, New Jersey that supports, centers, and connects communities and changemakers who are addressing the root causes and repair of structural racism and inequity in New Jersey.
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Our Visual Identity

The Dodge Foundation’s visual identity system, which was refreshed in spring 2022, is rooted in our mission and love for New Jersey and its communities and guided by our organization’s attributes.
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Our History

For over 45 years, the Dodge Foundation has cultivated vibrant ecosystems committed to the well-being of communities across our state.
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