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Our Trustees

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Trustees are dedicated leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences committed to advancing our vision of a just and equitable New Jersey.

Dodge Foundation Gathering of Philanthropic Leaders January 2020 Photo Credit: Sarah Merians Photography
Dodge Foundation Gathering of Philanthropic Leaders, January 2020. Photo Credit: Sarah Merians Photography

Preston D. Pinkett III

P3 Collective

Barbara Moran

Vice Chair
Community leader and volunteer, supporting social justice, the arts, arts education, and philanthropy

Barbara Bell Coleman

BBC Associates

Rob Connor

Head of School,
Christina Seix Academy

Anisa Kamadoli Costa

Chief Sustainability Officer,

Dan Fatton

Director, Clean Energy Partnerships for New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Mark Grier

Retired Vice Chairman,
Prudential Financial, Inc.

Rose Harvey

Executive Director,
New City Parks
Senior Fellow,
Regional Plan Association

Eleanor Horne

Former Vice President,
Educational Testing Service Social Investment Fund

Christopher J. Elliman

Chair Emeritus
Chief Executive Officer,
Open Space Institute

Elizabeth Duffy

Trustee Emeritus
International School Services, Inc.