Frequently Asked Questions

The following are "Frequently Asked Questions" to help you better understand how to use the Arts Ed Data Dashboard. 


Who should fill out the Data Dashboard?

We are currently only requiring Education grantees to complete the Dashboard and requesting that Arts grantees report on programs that serve students and teachers in schools. Organizations may contact Education Program Director Wendy Liscow to discuss which programs to report on if they receive general operating support or they may review the recording of our training webinar for more information.  

What navigation tips should I know before I get started?

The Arts Education Data Dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. The artists and programs you enter will appear later in your Dashboard and some information such as school names and addresses will auto-populate. Please check out the overview and checklist to get a snapshot of what data is required to complete the Dashboard.

What if I do not have all the data required to fill out my Dashboard?

If the data relates to your program, but you do not yet collect it, we ask that you contact your school partners to gather it. For example, if you know how many students you served, but do not know the details of the grades or gender breakdown of students, we ask that you request this information from your school contacts.

We understand that there will be cases where you will not be able to accomplish this the first time you complete the survey. However, going forward, we ask that you endeavor to collect this data as part of your program evaluation and documentation process.

Do I enter all programs we offer or just those funded by Dodge?

For now, we ask that you report on programs funded by Dodge. However, please include all additional funders who support your programs, including the school district, under the funder section on the My Programs page. You are welcome to enter data on all your programs and use the reporting mechanisms to report to other funders or to track your overall impact.

How do I enter data for multiple programs in a school?

Each school/program combination has to be entered separately as they each have unique grade and educator data tied to them. If you experience difficulty, the webinar we offer provides step by step instructions to navigate this situation or contact us at dashboardhelp(at)grdodge(dot)org

My organization is subcontracted by another organization so how do I report that program activity?

Organizations should only report on programs for which they receive direct Dodge funding. For example, if you are subcontracted by another organization to do an artist residency, the parent organization should report on the subcontractor’s program. The parent organization should list the subcontractor as the “partner organization” in the teaching artist section. Of course, the subcontractor should provide accurate data to the parent organization. Both organizations will be able to access and export this data. 

My program trains teachers. Should I count the students they serve?

Absolutely. Even if your program is not directly interacting with students, the teachers you are working with are bringing this information or skill to their classroom. Find out from the teachers to whom you are providing professional development the following: the number, grade, and gender breakdown of students they teach.

Can I import data from an existing Excel spreadsheet or SalesForce?

At this time, no. We hope to offer this option in the next version of the Dashboard.

Can I export this data? If so, how might I use it?

Yes. You can export data via the “download data” buttons on each grid. Additionally, under the My Reports tab, you can design and download a range of reports that suit your needs. As we build out the reporting portion of the system, we will add customized reports based upon feedback.  

Can I give this data to other funders?

You may create reports and export data and use it however you’d like.

We have been working with other Education funders who have expressed interest in using the tool for their grantees. Our intention is for the Dashboard to become a streamlined way for you to report to many funders. 

How can I get additional help with a problem I encounter?

Please email us at dashboardhelp(at)grdodge(dot)org with your question and we will assist you at our earliest convenience. 

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