Mapping Is Just the Beginning

The mapping of arts education participation is the first step in a larger effort to understand the impact of arts education provided by outside resources in support of school-based investments.

We know that the arts impact students’ academic and social emotional achievement. We know that non-art teachers who learn to use arts-integration techniques are more creative and have more energized classrooms and spark better student outcomes. We have hundreds of antidotes that will attest to this.

But when antidotes are not enough to shift school practices and policies, we must provide more concrete data to demonstrate what we know. 

That is why we have been working with a group of Dodge grantees and with members of the Newark Arts Education Roundtable over the past year to develop shared arts education impact assessment survey tools. 

These new collectively designed surveys, which can be personalized for individual organizations, will help us understand how programming is impacting students, teachers, and classroom culture. 

Our goals over the next year are to:

  • Complete and pilot an evaluation protocol and tools to assess agreed upon impact indicators that Dodge arts education grantees can adapt for their individual purposes. The indicators will focus on five areas:  student academic achievement, student social/emotional development, teacher efficacy, school and classroom culture, and other important arts education indicators of impact.    
  • Use the documentation to tell a collective story about the impact of arts education and shape the message to respond to the interests of multiple stakeholders including policy makers, school officials, parents, and the general public. 

We know evaluation is hard and important work. 

It takes time and financial resources that nonprofits prefer to allocate to program delivery. So we have created tools to help with the process and will provide workshops and one-on-one consulting with an evaluation and research expert to advance this work.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting work.  

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