Accessibility Statement

Digital accessibility is a new frontier in civil rights.

As a moral imperative, the Dodge Foundation website was designed and built to be usable and engaging for the widest possible range of audiences. Our website strives to meet the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines wherever possible. However, beyond technical compliance, we also view the usability of our website through the lens of equity. A clunky, unattractive, and unusable experience to users with disabilities is, in our view, a failure.

Through an inclusive, equitable approach to product development, we have attempted to honor both the letter and the spirit of accessible design. Our visual identity system includes a color palette and font selections that ensure high contrast and legibility for all users. Our copywriting and content prioritizes clear, descriptive, and intuitive language. The website itself is coded to support multiple forms of assistive devices, including keyboard navigation and screenreader technologies. These are some of the ways accessibility considerations have informed the design of this website.

Lastly, the Dodge Foundation and our web design partner, Threespot, are committed to using responsive web design to develop a website that both looks good and functions well across multiple operating systems, browsers, and devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile. To ensure the basic content and functionality of the site is available to all users, our website is the product of a “progressive enhancement” design and coding approach that prioritizes the accessibility of core functionality.

Site visitors who encounter any challenges related to accessibility or usability of the Dodge Foundation website can report issues to