Prudential Loan Fund

The Prudential Loan Fund provides bridge loans to arts organizations funded by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. Loans are meant to help organizations get through short-term budget gaps when expected revenues have not yet arrived.

How to Get Started

If you are a Dodge arts organization interested in learning more about the Prudential Loan Fund, please read through the following steps. If you have any questions, please contact Richard Simon

  • 1. Read the Prudential Loan Overview

    Get upcoming deadlines and review our eligibility requirements to determine if your organization qualifies for the program. We've also compiled some Frequently Asked Questions and encourage you to check them out. 

    Go to Prudential Loan Fund Overview

    Go to Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2. Register for a Clinic

    All prospective applicants are required to attend a Prudential Loan Clinic led by facilitator Hilda Polanco. Organizations planning to apply for funding that have not attended a clinic should contact Richard Simon.

  • 3. Complete Financial Worksheets

    You will need to complete and upload two financial worksheets with your application: a cash-flow projection and loan-readiness analysis. 

    Go to Prudential Loan Readiness Analysis

  • 4. Get Your Paperwork In Order

    Also, please be prepared to submit the following financial documents with your application:

    • Two years of financial statements (audit and/or 990) for your organization's most recently completed fiscal years (If your organization's most recent audited financial statements or 990 are more than a year old, unaudited or interim financial reports should be provided for the subsequent fiscal year)
    • Statement of Activities (also known as the Profit and Loss Statement)
    • Current Balance Sheet
    • Aligned side by side on the same page, your organization's 2017 and 2018 board approved operating budget
    • Board resolution authorizing your organization to borrow funds from the Prudential Loan Fund
    • Demonstration of two years of successful fundraising events, ONLY if applying for an advance on a fundraising event
  • 5. Start Your Application

    Applicants who have met eligibility requirements, including attending the Prudential Loan Fund Clinic, may apply using the following link. 

    Go to Prudential Loan Fund Application

  • 6. Wait for a Response

    Dodge staff will review applications for completeness and correct supporting documents. 

    Foundation staff will contact the applicant if additional information or clarification. If the loan is approved, a loan documentation form will be sent to the applicant prior to the release of the funds.

Upcoming deadline

Applications for the Prudential Loan Fund will open Sept. 23 and will close on Oct. 4, 2019. 

Please check back for a new link to our application portal.

Required Clinic

No workshops will be offered in this round of the Prudential Loan Fund but clinics remain a requirement for funding. Organizations interested in applying that have not attended a workshop in the past must contact Richard Simon to arrange for a one-on-one clinic with financial consultant Hilda Polanco. 

Email Richard


Have a Question?

Could your organization use a bridge loan? We compiled answers to some commonly asked questions to help your organization decide if the Prudential Loan Fund is right for you. Go to Frequently Asked Questions

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