Over the course of more than 40 years, the Dodge Foundation has made nearly $450 million in grants to nonprofits. With each grant, there is a story. Sometimes they are small success stories, like how our grant helped an organization reach out to more students, or helped connect more people with their natural surroundings.

But sometimes they are big stories with far-reaching impact. Like how our grant helped launch Sustainable Jersey, a statewide initiative that municipalities are now clamoring to participate in. Or how 25 years ago, Dodge made a long-term commitment to its Poetry Program, because research revealed that the poetry field was in desperate need of funding and attention.

The stories in this section are the biggest stories of Dodge’s work. In some cases, we have been developing these major initiatives for only a couple of years, and in other cases, for decades. Far from having an end, these stories continue to evolve and we continue to learn from them.

And at the same time, we are developing new initiatives – several of them poised to become our next big story. So we hope you will visit us here from time to time – and on our blog as well - to see how we’re imagining a better New Jersey.


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Our History

See photos of Mrs. Dodge and learn more about her life and passion for her community and for animals.

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