Announcing $2.9 Million in Grants 

December 22, 2015

American Littoral Society reef building reeds beach -- FOR THE COVER
American Littoral Society working on an oyster restoration project at Reed’s Beach.

More than $11 Million Awarded in 2015 to New Jersey Nonprofits

At its final board meeting of the year, Dodge Trustees approved 62 grants totaling $2.9 million to New Jersey nonprofit organizations, bringing the total amount awarded this year to more than $11 million.

“Dodge is committed to supporting nonprofits working to enhance the quality of life in New Jersey for all residents and visitors,” said Chris Daggett, Dodge President and CEO. “Through creativity, curiosity and an inspiring commitment to their work, these organizations are leveraging their collective talents to build communities where all people are engaged in civic life, where diversity and culture are celebrated, and where cross-sector collaboration leads to thoughtful decision-making and effective solutions.”

Read the full announcement here.

Highlights of grants awarded at the Trustees’ December board meeting are below. We invite you to explore full details about all of the grants in our easy-to-use, searchable grants database, which includes all 2015 grants.

Highlights include:

  • $75,000 to the Newark Celebration 350 Fund supporting programming for a year-long festival to celebrate the Brick City’s 350th anniversary and promote pride among residents, workers, and students
  • $85,000 to Dance New Jersey to expand and disseminate the Dance to Learn curriculum in New Jersey schools
  • $175,000 to Foundation for Educational Administration to provide creativity leadership teams with programming to design strategies for implementation of the Common Core through arts-infused instruction
  • $32,000 to El Sistema New Jersey to support the work of the El Sistema New Jersey Alliance in connecting and strengthening El Sistema-inspired programs statewide
  • A new, $15,000 grant to Arts and Education Center for scholarships for participants in the 2016 New Jersey Teen Arts Festival
  • $75,000 to American Littoral Society to protect New Jersey’s coastal environment through coordinated policy advocacy, partnerships, education, community engagement and citizen science
  • $40,000 to Natural Lands Trust to support land conservation and stewardship efforts in South Jersey
  • $80,000 to Pinelands Preservation Alliance for advocacy, stewardship, and public outreach work in the New Jersey Pinelands
  • $20,000 to New Jersey Tree Foundation to support community engagement in urban forestry and stewardship
  • $50,000 to NJTV to pilot “Ask Away,” a new initiative to deepen NJTV’s relationship with the community by partnering with the public in developing stories and news together.
  • $30,000 to Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center to provide food and supportive services to the homeless and working poor in Morristown.