City Green Takes Over Dodge’s Instagram Account

July 6, 2015

City Green Director of Community Engagement Jasmine Moreno will be posting photos of City Green’s work this week on Dodge’s Instagram account for the first-ever #dodgetakeover.

It’s 10 a.m. on the Monday after the July Fourth holiday and City Green’s Learning Farm in Clifton is buzzing with activity.

Meghan Jambor

Growing Strong summer interns are in the field washing cucumbers and zucchini to be sold this week at City Green’s farm market in Paterson. City Sprouts farm camp youngsters are seated at picnic tables digging into a healthy snack of fresh blueberries and strawberries before they get a tour of the farm. City Green staff are tending to the farm’s resident chickens and pygmy goats, which are crowding around their food troughs for their morning breakfast.

This is just a glimpse at what’s happening this week at City Green, a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing healthy cities in New Jersey. Want to see more?

Today, we’re launching #dodgetakeover by turning over the keys to our Instagram account to Dodge grantees to offer a glimpse into a week of their work in pictures and videos.

All week, City Green’s Director of Community Engagement Jasmine Moreano will take you on a journey, introducing you to some of the people that City Green so special, the programs that bring people together around the intersection of healthy eating and agriculture practices, and, of course, the shenanigans of the farm’s adorable goats.

Don’t miss a moment. Follow @dodgefoundation and @citygreennj using #dodgetakeover all week.

And stay tuned for more #dodgetakeover events this summer. If you’re a grantee who wants to get in on the action, email me at