Did You Know? Reclaimed Wood at 14 Maple Ave

March 31, 2009

When you arrive by elevator on the 4th floor of our new office, you are greeted by this beautiful and unique wood wall:


What’s unique about it?

It’s made of wood beams from the former Epstein’s department store, which previously existed on this site. The beams were identified and salvaged by CitiLog, a New Jersey-based firm which specializes in reclaiming and recycling wood, such as trees knocked down by storms, or wood from soon-to-be-demolished buildings.

After Citilog removed the beams from the site, they sent it to Mifflintown County, Pennsylvania, where an Amish group repurposed the wood into two decorative woods walls for our office.

As the folks at Citilog will tell you, building material reuse diverts tons of waste from landfills and reduces the amount of raw materials that must be extracted and processed for use in construction.