Dodge’s Green Roof Garden: Peppers are the first vegetables of the season to pop

June 24, 2014

Dodge’s Green Roof Garden is really taking off thanks to the blast of heat and a few rainy days we experienced in late spring.

The peppers were the first fruits to pop. We have at least two full-size Italian frying peppers ready to be plucked, plus a handful of baby sweet peppers and jalapenos.

A few other plants are flowering, including our tomatoes and cucumbers — some of which are growing teeny cukes already.

The tomato plants themselves have just about doubled in size, so it’s a good thing we already surrounded them with cages to support their growing branches.

The herbs in our garden are also thriving; and this week, our snapdragons (see photo at top) began to bloom.

Our grasses are now giants, topped with magenta seeds pods that sway in the wind.

And the sedum that covers our roof exploded into a sea of greens, yellows and reds.

We planted the Green Roof Garden at the end of May using mostly starter plants from the Grow It Green Morristown plant sale earlier this summer.

You can read more about all the veggies, flowers and herbs we planted and see pictures of its first week here.

Check back throughout the season for more pictures of the Green Roof Garden’s progress (and maybe some of our favorite recipes).

In the meantime, share what’s blooming in your garden below in the comments section.