Don’t Miss the New NJ Fresh! Series on NJN

November 3, 2010

Molly de Aguiar, Program Associate

We can hardly wait for NJ Fresh!, the new series on NJN hosted by Megan Gunning and Barbara Seelig-Brown. The four-part series, which airs in November and December, features visits to four farmers markets across the state as well as side trips to several farms, exploring the connections between land, people and food. The series helps New Jerseyans find the freshest produce and learn how it’s grown. The segments also include a peek at honey production, lavender fields, artisan cheese and sheep shearing as well as cooking segments using farm fresh ingredients.

The first episode, featuring a trip to the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance‘s farmer’s market at Dvoor Farm, with visits also to Comeback Farm and Bobolink Dairy, airs on Tuesday, November 9 at 9:30 pm.

See the full schedule and details for all four parts of the series, and enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos from the series, courtesy of NJN:

Megan Gunning host of NJ Fresh!

Megan Gunning, host of the NJ Fresh! series

Sweet Valley Farm Dvoor Farmers Market

Sweet Valley Farm at Dvoor Farm Market

Dvoor Farm

Dvoor Farm, owned by the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance (a Dodge grantee)

Comeback Farm

Comeback Farm in the Musconetcong Valley

New Jersey Peaches

Fresh New Jersey peaches

Cooking segment from Sussex County

A cooking segment with Barbara Seelig-Brown in Sussex County

Collingswood Farmers Market strawberries

Collingswood Farmers Market

Photos courtesy JoAnne Ruscio/NJN