Happy Halloween, New Jersey

November 5, 2012

Throughout the month of October, the Dodge blog featured a wide range of blog posts related to food issues and food systems in honor of Food Day 2012. We learned how organizations are addressing food insecurity issues, and about New Jersey’s next generation of farmers. We also learned about an ambitious effort to combat childhood obesity and hunger in Camden, as well as how towns can get Sustainable Jersey certification points through food-related actions.

Since the end of October is Halloween, of course, we had planned to finish our Food Day 2012 series on a light note with some Dodge staff Halloween fun. Hurricane Sandy interrupted those plans, though. It’s been a difficult week, and our hearts and prayers are with everyone still struggling in the aftermath of the storm. We thought maybe we could all use a laugh or two to keep us going, and since Halloween in New Jersey has been rescheduled for today, well, go ahead and have a laugh at us:

Top: Wendy Liscow, Rebecca Gambale
Bottom: Molly de Aguiar, Michele Russo (on the left) with her sister

We asked the Dodge staff:
What was your LEAST favorite Halloween candy – the stuff you tried to trade away?

Necco wafers, Smarties, York Peppermint Patties, Jawbreakers (“What the heck was the point of those things?”), Chuckles, candy corn, Almond Joy, Mounds, Tootsie Pops/Tootsie Rolls, Good & Plenty, “those peanut butter taffy things,” anything with caramel (“I wore braces.”)

Ok, now, what were your favorites?

Milk Duds, Clark Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Mr. Goodbar, York Peppermint Patties, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!, Butterfingers, M&Ms, Pixie Stix, “Everything – and I have the cavities to prove it!”

What were your best and worst Halloween costumes?

Best: A Hershey’s kiss, Fred Flinstone, Frida Kahlo, a playing card, Joan of Arc, a clown, a flamenco dancer, the Statue of Liberty, Cyrano de Bergerac, Marie Antoinette, Frankenstein, Raggedy Ann, a Valley Girl, Little Bo Peep (“with my white toy poodle, Bitsy, as my sheep”)

Worst: A crayon, a football referee, “the years I just wore bell bottoms and gave the peace sign all day (i.e. grades 5 through 8),” “the lame years when I just threw on some tiger ears and drew on some whiskers.”

And finally:

What’s your strategy: buy Halloween candy that you hate, so that you won’t be tempted to eat the leftovers? Or buy Halloween candy you love and sneak a few while you’re handing it out?

“The former, for sure.”

“I only buy candy I love – to hell with temptation!”

“I try to find a middle ground. I buy things I can resist, but won’t mind eating if I need a Halloween treat. I would never force others to eat Smarties, though.”

“I take the binge approach: I buy all my faves the day of, eat as much as I can in a 24-hour period, then manage the next day sugar hangover.”

Happy Halloween to all of the trick or treaters here in New Jersey. May your buckets overflow with only the candy you love.