In Praise of Bikes

June 6, 2011

Bikeconomics graphic via GRIST.

We’ve been following a number of interesting features on the newly-designed Grist website, and in particular wanted to mention Bikenomics.

In case you’re not familiar with Grist, they are an excellent online source for environment news and commentary. Let’s be honest: environment-related news often leaves us feeling, well, a little depressed. But Grist manages to produce thoughtful reporting peppered with humorous observations and practical information, which helps us feel optimistic and empowered as individuals. In fact, Dodge funds them, in part, because of their proven ability to inspire social change, particularly from the next generation, creating a diverse and inclusive view of the environmental movement.

We recommend Elly Blue’s Bikenomics series, which makes a compelling case for rethinking our car-centric culture in favor of bicycles.

Bikeconomics graphic via GRIST

Graphic by mgmt design courtesy of the National Building Museum. Click for a larger image.

From a discussion of tearing down urban freeways, to tackling the health care and energy crises, the series is a comprehensive look at alternative ideas that are worth considering – particularly here in New Jersey, as we explore the attributes of sustainable and livable cities. (Is your town participating in Sustainable Jersey? You can find out here.)

One more thing: when you make your way to the Grist website, don’t miss their popular Ask Umbra column.