Is Your Garden Wildlife Friendly?

March 25, 2009


Now that you’ve been seeing those crocuses in your yard and around the neighborhood, and the daffodils are poking through the ground too, are you starting to think about your garden?

The National Wildlife Federation‘s website has a superb section on gardening tips and resources that includes how to attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to your yard, how to use native plants (and even a map that helps you find plants native to your region), as well as tutorials on building bat and bee houses and many other interesting and useful articles designed to help you create a sustainable haven for wildlife in your neighborhood.

And once you’ve made your garden the favorite gathering spot for all the furry and feathered friends in the neighborhood, you can register your yard as a certified wildlife habitat, and share your photos with the National Wildlife Federation’s Flickr group.

Photo by Craig Pitts