Jersey Give-Back Guide: Celebrating Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

December 19, 2013

It’s the second to last day of the 15 Days of Generating Generosity! Have you made a gift yet to any of the organizations in the Jersey Give-Back Guide? The website is designed to help you learn about some of New Jersey’s most effective nonprofits  as you are thinking about making your year-end donations. On Day 14 of the 15 Days of Generating Generosity, we are featuring the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is everything you think of when you remember and relive the magic of seeing a play – the imaginative settings, the lighting, and the fanciful costumes that transport you to other worlds. The ideas and emotions in Shakespeare’s plays have endured for 400 years now, because we can still relate to them – especially when the Shakespeare Theatre makes them and other classic plays come alive in new and fresh ways. Add to that their education programs and outreach to schools, as well as one of the finest actor training programs in the state, and we’ve given you more than enough reasons to want to support the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. So what are you waiting for?



  • To learn more about Shakespeare Theatre, please visit their website.
  • Ready to make a donation? Ok! Please go to the Jersey Give-Back Guide, and click on Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. With just a few easy clicks, you can bring the magic of theatre and the genius of Shakespeare to New Jersey audiences.


  • The Dodge Foundation is offering $1,000 challenge grants to each of the organizations featured in the Jersey Give-Back Guide. To be eligible, each organization must receive at least 50 donations through the Guide by December 31st. Help them reach their goal and get that extra $1,000!