Jersey Give-Back Guide: Celebrating the Institute of Music for Children

December 13, 2013

Throughout December, we are highlighting each of the organizations featured in our Jersey Give-Back Guide, which is a website designed to help you learn about some of New Jersey’s most effective nonprofits  as you are thinking about making your year-end donations. It’s Day 10 of the 15 Days of Generating Generosity, and we want to tell you all about the Institute of Music for Children.

The Institute of Music for Children is a haven for young people in Elizabeth. It offers arts and music programs that give kids in kindergarten through high school the skills, confidence, and creative outlet they need to succeed in life. Study after study shows that kids from low income backgrounds succeed in school at much higher rates when they have access to arts education programs. The Institute knows this well, and so do parents, who are clamoring for these programs – especially because the arts are always the first to be cut from our schools when budgets are tight. With your donation, you can bring the joy of arts and music to kids in Elizabeth, giving them more opportunities to succeed in school and in life.



  • To learn more about the Institute of Music for Children, please visit their website.
  • Ready to make a donation? Ok! Please go to the Jersey Give-Back Guide, and click on Institute of Music for Children. With just a few easy clicks, you can help give the kids in Elizabeth a brighter future through music.


  • The Dodge Foundation is offering $1,000 challenge grants to each of the organizations featured in the Jersey Give-Back Guide. To be eligible, each organization must receive at least 50 donations through the Guide by December 31st. Help them reach their goal and get that extra $1,000!