Jersey Give Back Guide: Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center

December 4, 2015



From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we are highlighting each of the organizations featured in the Jersey Give-Back Guide, an online giving gadget that takes the guesswork out of year-end giving.


Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center



Twitter:  @CommSoupKitchen



What they do:

The Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center provides nutritious meals in a warm, safe and caring environment, free of charge, no questions asked, to anyone who comes seeking nourishment. As part of our hospitality we also encourage and assist our guests in accessing community resources, services and educational programs.  We serve breakfast and lunch every day, offer Free Farmers Markets, summertime lunches for children not in school, and holiday meals.  During the last 12 months, we served over 58,000 breakfast and lunch meals, distributed over 425,000 pounds of food, and provided more than 2,600 medical and social service referrals.

Communities served:

The Community Soup Kitchen serves the homeless, working poor, disabled, and elderly in Morris County, and the surrounding communities.

What makes them great:

The Community Soup Kitchen celebrated its 31st anniversary on Dec. 1, 2015 and has never, ever missed a day. That is more than 11,300 consecutive days of service.  Anyone is welcome at the Community Soup Kitchen, no questions asked.

How your donation will help them make an impact:

Donations will help the Community Soup Kitchen be there every day for those in need, especially during the upcoming holiday and winter months.  We are feeding and helping more working poor families than ever before.

How to get even more involved:

Check out our website for our most current needs:

— Marla Drury, Director of Development


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