Jersey Give Back Guide: Foodshed Alliance

December 23, 2015


From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we are highlighting each of the organizations featured in the Jersey Give-Back Guide, an online giving gadget that takes the guesswork out of year-end giving.

Foodshed Alliance



Twitter: @FoodshedNJ


What they do:

The Foodshed Alliance is a grassroots, non-profit devoted to promoting sustainable farming and locally grown, fresh, healthy food in northern New Jersey. We believe that the future of our health, our land, and our communities depends, to great extent, on the existence of local farms–that farmers are the keystone to our connection with our food, the land and our sense of place.

It is this conviction that drives us to work, with farmers, consumers, and agricultural professionals to foster a self-sustaining “foodshed” that supports farmers, nourishes people, respects the land, and strengthens our communities.

What makes them great?

In the 2015 Locavore Index, a ranking of states’ commitment to local food production, New Jersey ranked 39th out of the 50 states. Why is the “Garden State” in this position? Should something happen to disrupt our food supply chains, could New Jersey feed itself? The Foodshed Alliance works at the intersection of food, farming and the environment to foster a self-sustaining foodshed that supports farmers, nourishes people, respects the land and strengthens our communities. They promote closer connections between eaters and those who grow and produce our food and support food entrepreneurs with the goal of rebuilding the food infrastructure. They run a gleaning program that delivers farm-fresh food to soup kitchens and food pantries, and they operate farmers markets and run educational events.


How your donation will make an impact:

If you value the food on your plate, please support this organization.


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