Jersey Give Back Guide Returns to Simplify Year-end Giving to New Jersey Nonprofits

November 20, 2014


We are excited today to debut this year’s Jersey Give Back Guide, an online giving tool designed to showcase and support some of New Jersey’s most effective and respected nonprofits.

Meghan Jambor

Using the Jersey Give Back Guide’s online “Generosity Generator,” you can choose from four categories — Community, Arts, Environment and Newark — to learn more about this year’s 22 featured nonprofits. Pick one or more that fits your passion, and in just a few quick clicks, you can make a donation that will go directly to the organization(s).

Then sit back and relish that good feeling you get only when you help others. (Hint: Want to prolong that feeling? Make more than one donation.) Each and every nonprofit is worth your investment, even if it is $5. Every dollar counts.

How do we know? The Dodge Foundation and Victoria Foundation chose organizations that excel in collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. All have excellent reputations for their work and reflect the programmatic and geographic diversity of the nonprofit sector in New Jersey.

Just look at this impressive list of organizations you can support through the Jersey Give Back Guide:

This is the second year of the Jersey Give Back Guide. In 2013, more than 500 generous people donated $30,000 to the 15 nonprofit organizations featured in last year’s Jersey Give Back Guide.

Our hope is that you can help us double that amount to raise at least $60,000 for the nonprofits part of this year’s Jersey Give Back Guide. We know that with your help, we can get there.

And we know there are more than 500 generous New Jerseyans in our great state! Please help us spread the word about the Jersey Give Back Guide and how simple it is to donate. Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, book club, pick-up basketball team, prayer group, yoga class and happy hour companions. Get them to help you make New Jersey an even better place to live, work and play.

The Dodge Foundation couldn’t do this without our partners — the Victoria Foundation, Community Foundation of New Jersey and the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers. Thanks are also due to Jersey Give Back Guide media partners: NJ Advance Media and NJ Monthly magazine.

Connect with the Generosity Generator on Twitter @JerseyGiveGuide and use #njgives when you tell your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram friends about your donation!

Please check out and get busy giving!