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March 14, 2011

CUES logo

If you’re a regular reader of the Dodge blog, you may remember the six-part guest series we featured by the Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability (CUES) last November and December (see the end of this blog post for links). Dodge’s grant to CUES last year helped provide seed funding to support their vision for an expanded University Extension Program (i.e., outreach, research and educational services designed to be of practical value to New Jersey residents) on a variety of urban planning issues.

In partnership with County Extension Agents, CUES provides a wealth of knowledge and practice on problems such as stormwater management, urban infrastructure, and landscape rehabilitation, to farmers, county and town officials, Sustainable Jersey team members, town engineers and planners, school planners, school officials, and others, and always with an eye toward environmental justice.

They are an incredible resource, and they are only a phone call away.

CUES Conference May 2011

We would be remiss, therefore, if we didn’t share the information on their upcoming two-day conference on May 18 (in Jersey City) and May 19 (in Newark). If you are involved or interested in urban planning issues, this is a must-attend conference.

For full information, including registering online, visit the CUES website.

If you didn’t read the Dodge/CUES blog series (or read it and want to revisit it!) here are the links:

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