Some Helpful Social Media Links

July 13, 2009

Molly de Aguiar, Program Associate


One of the amazing things about Twitter is the instantaneous access to a wide variety of resources, including all kinds of articles we at Dodge think are useful and interesting, not just to us,  but also to our grantees. Often, we tweet about them on Twitter, but in case you’re not a Twitter user yet, here are a few recent social media links we think are worth reading:

Mashable: The Social Media Guide is a go-to resource for social media article and how-tos. Yesterday they posted an interesting article about collaborative blogging. Their list of really informative How-To guides is here.

The Connections blog by Steve MacLaughlin has a great article on social media strategy: Creating a Social Networking Strategy (Part 0). And a useful follow-up: Social Media is a Big Waste of Time. He also has an Online Guide for Nonprofits that you might find useful.

The Case Foundation tells us that nonprofits are taking the lead in using social media – far outpacing universities and businesses. They also link to a great Social Media Strategy Handbook written by Wendy Harman for the Red Cross.

We mentioned last week that Dodge is on Twitter now; you can find us @grdodge. We’re discovering that Twitter is the perfect tool for communicating all of the useful pieces of information that come to us in our field visits, as well as through invitations and emails we receive from our grantees and peers, and through articles and books we’re reading – most of which we’re often not able to get up on our website quickly enough. Twitter, moreso than our website and blog, is the tool that helps us redistribute this information in a very timely way.

Are you on Twitter? Are you struggling with how to best use social media? How can Dodge help you sort through and learn what you need to know about social media? We’d love to know.