Spotlight On: Newton Meyers Mural at Dodge

April 28, 2009

Molly de Aguiar, Program Associate


You can find this spectacular mural, Life as a Delicate Fabric Stretched Between Two Eternities,  in our office, thanks to its artist Newton Meyers. Feeling a connection between the painting, which he completed in 1993, and Dodge’s commitment to green design, Mr. Meyers graciously allowed us to host his work.

The mural, explains Mr. Meyers, “Depicts the birth of the earth in a gigantic galactic explosion morphing into C-shaped tides which radiate out of this chaos, bringing warmth and lush green life. Most of this is shown on a huge curtain that sweeps across the mural, dipping into the waters below, where life began. This evolving fabric stretches on past melting icebergs and the death of species to the other eternity, represented by the planets, that life will eventually inhabit.”

We hope you get a chance to come to the office and study the tiny details for yourself. Each time you look at it, you will find some new surprises. Take a look for yourself:





As an illustrator and designer, Mr. Meyers’ clients included: The National Lampoon, Family Weekly, Macmillan, McGraw Hill, Grolier, Lilly Dache, William Frederick Press and numerous design firms. When the Pratt Institute bought his graphic design school, Gap Workshop, he joined the staff of the Institute as a teacher. His paintings have been exhibited at The Brooklyn Museum, Long Island University and the Pratt Institute.


The mural, which is acrylic on linen, is for sale. Please contact for further information.