The Green Roof: A Year in Pictures

November 11, 2009

Molly de Aguiar, Program Associate

Tomorrow we’re cleaning up (composting!) the remnants of our garden, and we’ll be talking as a group about the lessons we learned from our first year of urban gardening as well as planning for what we’d like to accomplish next year.

For me personally, it was such a treat to watch the green roof grow this year, to pick fresh strawberries and cherry tomatoes at lunchtime, and to see the bees and butterflies come to our flowers. And there’s nothing so restorative during the busy work day than to eat lunch in the sunshine,  surrounded by the trees, flowers and grass—one floor up!

Here’s a look back at our green roof this first year in our new offices, starting with what it looked like before it was planted (November 2008) to the present. Pretty remarkable, don’t you think?


Snow on the Garden 2009 Winter 2009

Spring 2009 Planting the Garden

Garden Planted Roof Growing

Garden Growing Sedum Growing

Garden Making Progress Garden Mid-Summer

Sunflower 2009 Tomatoes

Garden in Full Bloom Snapdragon

Green Roof Summer 2009 Bees on the Sunflower

Grasses Growing Taller in Summer Sedum in the Fall

View of Dodge Roof in the Fall

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